Dr. Stout is dedicated to providing comprehensive and wholistic assessment and treatment of the individual as it relates to their specific structural & biochemical (nutritional) needs. Quality healthcare can only be delivered when the entire person is treated as an integrated whole. Dr. Stout's basic premise is that "Structure Governs Function", therefore structural integrity is essential to optimum health. Primary Importance should be placed on the nervous system which, via the spinal column, affects every tissue in the body. Dr. Stout has been practicing chiropractic and acupuncture for 23 years. She has extensive experience treating structural and organic conditions.


Conditions which have responded well to treatment are:

Bursitis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, TMJ Disorders, Fibromyalgia, Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Asthma, Allergies, IBS, Constipation, PMS, Hormonal Imbalances, Colic, Digestive Problems, Hiatal Hernia, G.E.R.D., Foot Conditions, Skin Problems, Shoulder & Hip Disorders, Balance Disorders, and many spinal disorders including Scoliosis, Cervical and Lumbar Disc Syndromes.


Chiropractic in Duluth, MN

Individual Assessment of structural balance and possible areas of dysfunction in both the spinal and extra-spinal regions (extremities) - (Includes cervical/thoracic/lumbar/ and cranial regions).

Weight Loss Programs in Duluth, MN
Weight Loss

My approach to weight loss is unique because I incorporate detoxification as a requirement. The reason many weight loss programs are inadequate and often result in failure is because detoxification is not addressed. All toxins in the body are bound up in our adipose tissues (fat cells). In order to lose weight, one must first attempt to remove the toxic load we all carry. At that point, it becomes easier to lose weight with a good calorie reduction program. Of course, an aerobic exercise component is also very necessary. Hydrations is another often overlooked critical component to a successful program. Additionally, I assess organic functions (such as thyroid and liver) to take care of these deficiencies. Very frequently these organs are hypoactive and sluggish and won’t be activated just by weight loss.

Acupuncture in Duluth, MN

Assessment of need to balance energy throughout the body including stagnation, edema, circulation, sensation, etc.  The theory assumes these factors are major contributors to disease and dysfunction.

Custom Orthotics - Duluth, MN
Custom Orthotics

Our feet provide the foundation for alignment for every structure above them. When I look at the gait and feet, I look for balance. Eighty percent of the population are pronators. If the collapse of the foot arches isn’t corrected, then all other structural deficiencies are compromised. I fit people in my office for custom-made orthotics, which provide necessary corrections. I utilize applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to help demonstrate the efficacy of their support. Misalignment of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spinal column are subsequently corrected. The patient reports decreased fatigue, foot pain, knee and hip pain, and increased stamina for all weight-bearing activities is further evidence (using over-the-counter inserts will not provide the same benefit).

Nutritional Supplements - Duluth, MN

Questionnaires and consultation will reveal individual requirements for nutritional support and possibly detoxification/weight loss and need for supplementation. 

(Supplements utilized are high grade professional products only.)

Fitness Programs in Duluth, MN
Fitness Programs

My belief is true fitness can only be achieved when several factors are addressed. These include:

1. Optimum nutritional intake achieved through dietary and supplemental means


2. A regular exercise regimen for musculoskeletal improvement


3. Optimum spinal health, including regular spinal and extra spinal alignment.


In order for all of these systems to function well, it is imperative that our master control center be free of interferences. The nervous system and spinal alignment are foundational as they comprise the “Master Control Center” for the Operation of all soft tissues and organs in our body. Any spinal misalignment compromises the ideal function.